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Who am I ?
Well, I am also not sure, the more I think about it the more I seem to be lost in the thought, but the closest approximation would be Shantanu Nigam...

Where ?
I hail from Lucknow - the city of nawaabs...

Why ?
I think I am here to work, and as a side effect forget all engg I had tried not to pick up for four years but had to. Although I am not sure why at all I am here, I know the answer lies somewhere in those long equations which are written for the prime purpose of solving q-phy problems, but are more effective as quantum-physics busters.

Educational qualifications
I completed my engineering from IIT Kanpur, in Meta engg as major, don't ask me why, it is absolutely irrelevant, and joined it only for the sake of the computer facilities which I was much fascinated about.
more... about my 4 yrs of hostel stay.


Some cool Snaps

Myself - long time back, at college
with my college pals

Some photographs taken by me

Some more old photographs taken by me

I belong to the b-bot clan of Hall I, which was previously known as b-top of Hall II. I have a long list of my friends with whom i have lived for four years, most of them are either professionally too busy or lazy to make a page, i'll list some of them who have an existence on the web
Manish Kumar
Sachin Bansal

ICSE, La Martiniere College, Lucknow.
ISC, La Martiniere College, Lucknow.
I have ever been only to this school which has lot of memories attached, it was a day/boarding school, and is 150+ years old. 1995 saw sesquicentenary celebrations all over the country.

More About me...
Ever since I got introduced to a BBC micro, in class IX, I have been inpressed by the likes. I used to fantasize writing software for all sorts of things and also created a graphical representation of compounds involved in electrovalent and covalent bonding using the limited capabilities of the BBC Micro and my limited knowledge of BASIC. I still remember my tricks of crashing the machines to get to repair them after school hours so that I can get more time with it. Though very badly designed, that piece of code was sufficient to provide me with enough motivation to do something in life so that I get to write such codes for big companies.

Some articles...
An article about IITians in US

Some cool links...
Some of my guitar tabulatures
Dilbert - how can an engineer's page be complete without this link, my favourite
NOVA - Einstien
Amazing world of optical illusions
A Penrose tiler
My favourite obsession - Pink floyd's 'The Wall Page'
To learn Sanskrit
PCSE Linux Users group

Some books I enjoyed...

"The Dancing Wu Li Master" - Gary Zukov
This book is in itself a dance, a dance of modern physics and eastern mysticism, though I hate this word 'mysticism', I would prefer to call it ancient knowledge, but thats the way most people understand it. (link Rating: *)

"Surely you're Joking, Mr Feynmann!" - Richard Feynmann
A great physicist, and a great person, this combination in not very rare to find, one who is a great physicist, tends to be a great person, knowledge pf physics changes the way you see your world. (link Rating: **)

"Theory of Relativity" - Albert Einstein
I think this one was translated by someone. Again a great person and a great physicist, I have read a biography of einstein as well, I have been fascinated by this person. Most of his work is in German, I hate the fact that I don't know German, it would be a great experience to get a first hand view of his ideas. (link Rating: ****)

"The Fountainhead" - Ayn Rand
Full of energy, and makes you feel like raising your arms to eternity and feeling that life within you, its only a pity and ironical that the author herself commited suicide after writing a book full of a jist to live. (link Rating: *)

"Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" - Richar Bach
(The above link has the complete book online) A new dimension to life, a new meaning, it takes perfection a step forward! "Illusions", "One" and this book all are light, short and very refreshing books by one of the craziest writers of our times. (link Rating: *****)

"The Turning Point" - Fritzof Capra
Discussions of three people, a physicist, a poet, a political leader. Quite interesting, but requires patience, if you are not that type then go to Blockbuster and get "Mindwalk", this movie is based on this book. "The tao of Physics" by the same author, is also worth reading. (link Rating: )

"A Brief History of Time" - Stephen Hawkings
You must have already read it, so I won't waste my time, space on my page, and your time by writing about it, 'its a beautiful experience' is all I have to say about this beautiful book. (link Rating: *****)

"Hitchhikers guide to the end of the Universe" - Douglas Adams

Ha ha ha, its one of the most amusing books I ever read. British Humour at its very best (link Rating: ****** complete book in eformat is available for reading)

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