Date:              , 1998



I am writing to you to express my desire in working for you as a Software engineer. I have completed B-Tech, Materials Science and  Metallurgical major from IIT Kanpur in June '98.

I have a strong background in software coupled with  diverse  interest in extra curricular activities. I managed to get the opportunity to  work at I.S.R.O., Bangalore and successfully developed a user friendly software for the organization on Windows environment. As team leader, IIT-K team, to provide graphics for doordarshan's DD1 TV channel (India's largest viewed TV channel) for coverage of  Punjab  Assembly  elections, I had the direct responsibility of designing and  presenting graphics which were telecast live on national network; an  extremely  educating  experience.  Besides within the  institute  I have  undertaken several software projects involving software applications in a myriad of fields namely image processing, artificial neural networks, Genetic Algorithms, optimization    techniques, quantitative decision modeling.

 The experience I have gained in successfully implementing near professional time bound projects & my summer job has given me the confidence of venturing into newer software fields & coming out successfully. I assure you that my prior exposure to and interest in software will help me perform well in the job. I am keen to meet and discuss things with you at your convenience. I may be reached through e-mail : or at 0522-435032.

Thanking you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Shantanu Nigam