Who am I ?
Well, I am also not sure, the more I think about it the more I seem to be lost in the thought, but the closest approximation would be Shantanu Nigam...

Where ?
I hail from Lucknow - the city of nawaabs... presently in New Jersey, working for Reliance Global Services Inc.

Why ?
I think I am here in the states to work as a software engg, and as a side effect forget all engg I had tried not to pick up for four years but had to. Although I am not sure why at all I am here, I know the answer lies somewhere in those long equations which are written for the prime purpose of solving q-phy problems, but are more effective as q-phy busters.

Educational qualifications
I completed my engineering in 1998, from IIT Kanpur, in Material Science & Metallurgical engg as major, don't ask me why, it is absolutely irrelevant because I never liked it, and joined it only for the sake of the computer facilities which I was much fascinated about.
more... about my 4 yrs of hostel stay.

Some cool Snaps

with my college pals
IITK campus

I belong to the b-bot clan of Hall I, which was previously known as b-top of Hall II. I have a long list of my friends with whom i have lived for four years, most of them are either professionally too busy or lazy to make a page, i'll list some of them who have an existence on the web
Manish Kumar
Sachin Bansal

ICSE - 1991, La Martiniere College, Lucknow.
ISC - 1993, La Martiniere College, Lucknow.
I have ever been only to this school which has lot of memories attached, it was a day/boarding school, and is 150+ years old. 1995 saw sesquicentenary celebrations all over the country.

More About me...
Ever since I got introduced to a BBC micro, in class IX, I have been inpressed by the likes. I used to fantasize writing software for all sorts of things and also created a graphical representation of compounds involved in electrovalent and covalent bonding using the limited capabilities of the BBC Micro and my limited knowledge of BASIC. I still remember my tricks of crashing the machines to get to repair them after school hours so that I can get more time with it. Though very badly designed, that piece of code was sufficient to provide me with enough motivation to do something in life so that I get to write such codes for big companies.

Some articles...
An article about IITians in US

Some cool links...
Some of my guitar tabulatures
Dilbert - how can an engineer's page be complete without this link, my favourite
NOVA - Einstien
Amazing world of optical illusions
A Penrose tiler
My favourite obsession - Pink floyd's 'The Wall Page'

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