My life at IIT was of a lunatic who had always fantasized life with infinite time around computers, and was suddenly exposed to a whole lot of them. He realised that at night times the machines were far more easily available.

He started using the night times for trying out different things on different computers, and came up with many loopholes which were untold all his tenure at iit. But this definately screwed up the meta studies... which I was anyway not at all interested... but life was easy to cruise on particularly with the help i got from Vivek in the last 20-30 minutes before each of the exam, which was sufficient to clear the notably cool dep called meta.

IITK campus is a wonderful place to live, lots of trees, peaceful places all over nobody troubling you if you feel like going out for a walk at 2:00 at night, lots of birds, peacocks and my favourite place the tank top of hall -III, commonly known as 'sai ki tanki'. The legend goes to say that this was designed by Sai and he forgot to take into account the weight of water, so it is not in use, though the reasons for this is the grades he gave to junta.

My best time at college was spent with myself or at nights in the cc - computer center. Hacking in any form gave me a sort of satisfaction which I never had the need to discuss with anyone, and was thus a secret many of the times. For me the credit to do it was immaterial, and the sole purpose of breaking through was the very fact that it was considered impossible... Ihardly ever divulged my doings to anyone, 'cos they were harmless but for a few instances when I had ego problems with some of my batch mates.