The run

I kept on running and running, winning and winning, putting in all my energies to it, only to discover I was on the wrong road. I have come so far on the wrong road, I cannot even turn back, I do not know which path, where will any path take me. Am I lost?

All the happiness, joy, feeling of greatness, pride, I had gathered by running and winning, all my efforts, now ads up to nothing, all lost in a moment. A moment of realization, so to say. All the disgust, the loss, the sadness of defeat does'nt count anymore.

Should I turn back, can I turn back, will I turn back, after this distance where can I head to, can I see any other path, or is it that I do not want to see it.

What is there now, no joy, loss pride, sadness, disgust, happiness nothing, no path, no inclination to run anymore. Is this the end of the road? Am I finished?


the road ahead