One should always speak the truth
Truth is to present facts the way they are
To say something, just to make someone happy, or for any future personal gains
is not truth.
Lot of times truth hurts
It should still be presented, and then if you really care, do whatever it takes to reduce the pain

Gita Saar:
Why do you cry
What have you lost
What did you bring with you that you have lost
What did you create that has been destroyed
You did not bring anything when you were born
Whatever you have, you got it from here
Whatever you gave, you gave it back here
What is yours today, was someone else's yesterday
and will be someones else's tomorrow

Change is the way of the universe
May god protect all

Whatever has happened, has been for good
Whatever is happening, is for good
Whatever will happen, will also be for good !!!


When a person dwells longingly on sense objects, an inclination towards them is generated. This inclination develops into desire and desire gives rise to anger.

From anger proceeds delusion; from delusion, confused memory; from confused memory the ruin of reason; due to ruin of reason, he finally perishes.

Let a man raise himself by his own efforts. Let him not degrade himself. Because a person's best friend or his worst enemy is, none other than his own self.

For a person who has conquered his lower self by the divine self, his own self acts as his best friend. But for that person who has not conquered his lower self, his own self acts as his worst enemy.

A person has the right towards action alone and not towards the fruit of action. Let not the fruit of action be the motive for acting. Also, Let there not be any attachment to inaction.

(Therefore) You must always fulfill all your obligatory duties without attachment. By performing actions without attachment, one attains the Highest.

Desire and anger which are born out of passion are insatiable and prompt man to great sin and should be recognized as enemies.

By whatever cause the mind, which is restless and fidgeting, wanders away, the yogi should bring it back from that and concentrate only on the Self.

He who offers all actions to God, without attachment, remains untouched by sin, just as a lotus leaf by water.

Hardly one among thousands of men strives to realize God; Of those who strive, again, only a very rare one (devoting himself exclusively to God) knows God in reality.

Even If the radiance of a thousand Suns, bursts forth all at once in the heavens, it would still hardly approach the splendor of the mighty Lord.

He, by whom the world is not agitated and whom the world cannot agitate, he who remains calm in times of joy, anger, fear and anxiety, is dear to the Almighty.

Death is certain of that which is born. Birth is certain of that which is dead. Therefore, you should not lament over the inevitable.

Even a confirmed sinner, if he worships the Lord with unwavering faith and devotion, must be considered righteous, because, he has decided to reform himself.

Abandoning all paths, come to God as the only refuge. Grieve not, for God will liberate you from all sins.

Wherever there is Krishna, the Lord of Yoga and the bow weilding Arjuna, there reign good fortune, victory, prosperity and justice. Such is my conviction.