Perfection and/or love


Man seeks perfection, love is the successful pursuit of perfection, from the seekers point of view. Everyone has a rank on some arbitrary scale, and sees others on his own scale mostly as above or below it. His pursuit of a perfect partner is mostly his attempt to get someone higher on his scale to agree to it. Love is when both of them find the other higher on their own scales, for this generally if both are almost at the same rank on, say, some universal scale then there is a high chance that both will view the other higher than themselves on their own scale. And thus it will be love-love scene and not love-null or love-hate. Love-null occurs when one person loves the other and find him/her higher on his scale and the other has no ranking for the lover on his/her scales, this is a common phenomena in places where concentration of one sex is higher, much higher than other, like technical schools where male to female ratios are drastic. The third one love-hate occurs when the other found the lover higher in his scale previously but now finds him lower than himself in his own scale. This has feelings but negative, this has a better chance than love-null because here at least there is some feeling be it negative and the lover is at least not ignored, which is a disgusting feeling again common in places where ratios are drastic. A person 'A' finding someone 'B' higher than him and the probability of getting 'B', or so as to say, probability of 'B' finding 'A' higher on her scale is also reasonable, qualifies 'A' falling in love with 'B'. If 'B' does not find 'A' higher on her scale then 'A' is love struck until 'A' finds someone else 'C' higher on his scale and probability of 'C' finding 'A' higher are also reasonable, then 'A' claims to have fallen in love with 'C' now. This cycle goes on, intelligent people do not find many 'B's which won't find them higher, they find those who find them pretty high. Fools keep on accessing the scales of 'B' and 'C' wrongly expecting them to find himself higher.

Be intelligent, don't claim to fall in love, relationships are nothing but good and bad matches .


However, I realize this whole rationalization I did does not apply to me. Strange.